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Proving the business case

The challenge  of setting your roadmap is the identification of the true value of such a move and what sort of return of investment and cost of ownership you can expect.


People are looking at the advantages of faster response times, simpler data models and more intuitive user experiences when moving to more open architectures. However, it is still difficult to justify to the costs especially for those who have recently completed similar transformation work except on ‘older’ technology


At Liberas we are helping a number of our clients with this exact issue. Our approach to all our assignments is to identify at the outset the true value to the customer, of what we’re delivering so a robust and solid business case is key.

Taking the leap

No two enterprises are the same so where there are clear guidelines when approaching a digital roadmap, there is no silver bullet in terms of steps to follow.


At Liberas our associates have multiple transformation projects under their belts and can see potential bumps in the road before they arise. They use their vast experience to guide our clients in terms of the major steps of the roadmap process.

Discovery is Key

Like any long journey preparation is key and embarking on a digital strategy is no different. The time taken in this discovery stage saves you time AND money later down the track. Take your time - don't waste it but there's no value in rushing


Liberas can help business define the scope of the roadmap they want to embark on and once that is done the strategy and approach is key. Experience cannot be learnt from an academy or graduate programme and we will put that experience to good use to help you shape and roadmap ahead

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