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Programme Management

It is crucial to the success of any Programme that the scope and goals are understood clearly. These are the guiding principles that bring all subsequent work packages together.


We can adapt to your own internal programme standards but we also come with tried and tested methods and deliverables that can expedite the programme from this earliest stage.

Project Delivery

We have experience managing projects from multi-layered global roll outs to mid-range specific deliverable focused project.  Whether that be Agile or Waterfall focused we have experience and success stories attached to both


Using our experience and skill we manage the project through its lifecycle ensuring it adheres to your own and industry standards.

Our delivery focused approach puts the end goal of the project at the centre of everything 

Requirements Definition and Analysis

A key part of any project's success is the correct definition of the business requirements and the assurance that what is built meets them


We have a unique ability in being able to understand and articulate business needs through close liaison with the business whilst also understanding the required technical requirements to deliver them


We sit between the business and systems integrators to ensure the SI performs with the key interests of your business in mind using our working ERP knowledge and experience.

Quality of Delivery

Our associate network is made up of people with years of industry and project experience which is why you can be assured of the quality of what we will deliver for you.

The experience we bring cannot be learnt in an academy but years of find successful  ways of navigating complex transformation programmes

Delivery Focused - (not charge focus! )

We have the competency and experience to fit in all aspects of the programme environment.


We look to place ourselves between your Exco and Programme Management team and third party providers working on your solution.


We provide an independent view on their performance with no shared interest

Our approach is focused on delivery and adding value - it's your investment and protect it as our own

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