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IR35 shake up on the way ..... or is it

The world is not somewhere full of positives and certainties at the moment. I mean we have a PM who doesn't seem too sure how many kids he has so you can't be blamed for wondering what is around the corner ....

What we are aware of is that there is an intended revamp of the IR35 regulation in April 2020 which extends the rules currently applied to the public sector industry over to the private sector.

  • As with public sector reform, the responsibility for operating the off-payroll rules will shift from individuals to the organisation

  • To give businesses time to prepare, the change won’t be introduced until April 2020

  • Small organisations will be exempt, to ‘ease the administrative burden’, and HMRC will support medium and larger organisations in implementing the change

  • There are many articles and papers out there offering advice and opinion. We have shown the link the CEST tool on the HMRC homepage. Please find below some more interesting articles and viewpoints from across the industry.

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