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"Wise men speak because they have something to say, fools because they have to say something " - Plato

At LIBERAS we want to hear what you have to say. Your contribution is not to just turn up and clock in - the value we add to customers is in the ideas and challenges we present them. We don't have a prescribed script to follow we encourage our people to be free thinkers as we feel that benefits both you and our client.

As a LIBERAS associate you will enjoy the flexibility of working with like-minded professionals whilst controlling the way your work and the length of assignments.


We're not a recruiting or contact agency but a group of ERP professionals and experts just like you who understand the challenges of working in the IT market place whilst appreciating the need for a reward system that ensures you are valued as an individual.


We ensure our associates enjoy the benefits of being part of group of people striving for the same goal and it's that community that ensures you're not one man band.


Equity Partners

After a qualifying period of time, we set our Associates target based measures and once achieved they become an Equity Partner who shares in the profits and success of the company.



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