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As part of delivering a programme of work it is important that we display and work against our key values:


Collaborative Approach

We won't be successful taking a silo approach to our work. We have to bring you along with us at every stage of the process


This doesn't mean we become 'yes men' who let you hear what we think you want to hear. We have to challenge decisions where we see risk whilst also giving clear guidance and support from our delivered experience


Value Add focus

As a new venture we have to quickly demonstrate how we differ from the other consultancies in the market. The only way we can do that is to focus on delivering key tangible benefits to your business.


We search the industry to find the best talent in the market. Not just in terms of technical and project expertise but also in vision and approach to their work


At Liberas it is important that we have people who share our ethos around project delivery


Our people need to display a collaborative and inclusive approach to their work with the key focus of delivering the requirements to the customer and adding real and tangible value

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